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Feedbacks :)

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Brand New / Preloved items :)

Abit about me :)
I love shopping, i love my clothes, and I keep them in good condition. I hate to let them go, but my wardrobe is really bursting. You can see it from the pic above, and this is only 1 of the wardrobes i have. :( As I'm currently working now, I will not need so many casual clothes, hence I'm letting them go to make space.

These items are brand new / worn once or twice, but most are in pristine condition. I do hope you will also like them :)

Lastly, I will be nice to you, if you're nice to me :)

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No negotiation / trades

Please do not use the photos from my LJ without any permission.


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First spree ever :)

Join me for a spree for Korean Office & Smart casual wear.

Choose from 20 designs. All at affordable prices!

Show me some love at the newly opened spreestation!

Spree here :)

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I'm new, but you can trust me!